Automate Intelligently
Seamless Integration
Project Management, Elevated
Data-driven Strategy

Your Operations, Objectively Scored. Precision in delivery, clarity in progress: IO drives strategic intelligent automation.

Robust Automation

• Transcend the limitations of manual processes.
• Handle vast and intricate data tasks with efficiency.
• Shift focus from micro-management to strategic oversight.

With IO, master the art of large-scale data automation. Harness machine learning-driven capabilities to transform vast and intricate data tasks into streamlined processes. Transition from manual micro-management to an expansive strategic overview, ensuring efficiency and precision at scale.

No disruptions, just flawless integration into your existing systems.

Seamless Integration

• Experience unparalleled unified compatibility.
• Consolidate multiple data sources, cutting costs.
• Bridge various systems for streamlined access and management.

Experience the pinnacle of unified compatibility with Pixlo IO. Consolidate data from various sources into one central hub, cutting costs and enhancing efficiency. With IO, bridge systems whether on-premises, in the cloud, with clients, or partners, ensuring easy access, a comprehensive overview, and streamlined management.

Deadlines met, risks mitigated, all under one unified dashboard.

Intelligent Project Management

• Navigate vast data with ease, from overviews to details.
• Quickly highlight critical issues for informed decisions.
• Visualize process durations for clear delivery expectations.

Navigate the complexities of immense data volumes with Pixlo IO’s intelligent project management. Whether you need a bird’s-eye view or detailed insights, IO adapts seamlessly, guiding you to critical issues and priorities. Experience visual clarity on process durations, helping you anticipate and manage external dependencies, ensuring timely deliveries.

Empower with real-time, data-driven insights. Elevate every decision.

Data-driven Content Strategy

• Transition from gut feelings to data-driven decisions.
• Access advanced real-time analytics.
• Strategically shape content direction based on solid data.

With Pixlo IO, move away from gut feelings and into the realm of data-backed choices. Harness the power of data to refine and enhance your content strategies. With IO’s advanced real-time analytics, every decision is based on robust insights, optimizing for growth and engagement.

Focus on what matters most
Visualize your pace
Never miss a beat
Stay updated


Before IO: Jane, managing vast digital assets at a global broadcaster, grapples with deadlines and platform criteria. Data challenges risk deliveries and compliance. Fragmented insights affect strategy.

After IO: With Pixlo IO, Jane gains total control. Intelligent features streamline deadline management, and IO’s analytics ensure decisions are data-driven, precise, and proactive.


Before IO: Tom, handling vast content catalogs, confronts inefficiencies due to new content inflows and tight launch schedules. Data silos from varied sources hamper operations.

After IO: Pixlo IO’s tools optimize Tom’s workflow. Content is efficiently sorted, and IO integrates various systems, enhancing data accessibility and harmony across tools.


Before IO: Michael’s firm acquired a vast catalog of titles. Transcoding, publishing, and subtitling were chaotic, with clunky Excel sheets causing errors.

After IO: With IO, Michael enjoys a streamlined process. Every step is in IO’s system, with charts offering clear views, detecting issues early and staying on track.


Before IO: Isabelle, managing content for a global video service, spends excessive time manually checking multiple platforms, leading to unexpected delays.

After IO: IO transforms Isabelle’s process. Automated workflows do the heavy lifting, while a unified dashboard offers real-time overviews. She can swiftly address anomalies.

Current Reality
Projected Outcome

All Your Services. One Platform. Welcome to IO.

Introducing IO by Pixlo. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital video logistics, the need for efficient, seamless, and intelligent solutions has never been more critical. IO is your tool to centralize and automate the intricacies of digital video logistics. From asset management to distribution workflows, IO brings efficiency to every step.